This was project made for Ludum Dare 44.
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How to play

You’re a broke musician trying to get by. Day after Day. Bill after bill. You must play in subway stations to get enough money to pay for your daily expenses.

To aggravate your situation, the city you live in does not allow artists to play in subway stations, so you need to keep an eye open for the guards. If they get you, it’s the end of the day. If you see or hear one of those guys, RUN! You can also take the metro to lose them.

Your expenses are deducted from your money at the end of each day, which occurs when the timer on the bottom left runs out. The expenses increase in a daily basis, so play your heart out to get the best tips.

Each subway station has a different public, with different taste in music. You need to look out for the right genre to play.


WASD To move around

SPACE To choose a song to start playing and to stop playing

123 or mouse click to choose your song

ARROW KEYS to play the music


Windows Executable
macOS Executable
Linux Executable

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